Settrington Quarry – Quarterly Situation Update

– What has happened in the intervening 3 months?

Since the last Liaison Committee meeting the site has mainly been in a lower phase of activity exporting processed product, but re-started production again in early June.  Re the planning applications, we have secured more noise information, and have reports ready to be submitted to address other consultation responses;

– What is the current situation?

Production operations on site will remain through until late July, possibly further, as things stand. No blasting events are planned at the moment during this phase of activity;

– What is intended/expected to happen in the next 3 months?

After July the site will likely go back to export of processed product only along with the import of restoration materials. No firm date as yet when the next campaign event might be. Over the next month we expect to be in a place to make a comprehensive supplementary submission on the current planning applications to address the consultation responses to date.

26 June 2023