Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall (YO17 8NR) at 7p.m. on Thursday 14 September 2023

  1. Open Forum: No members of the public attended for this purpose
  2. Apologies for Absence: Cllr. Gervase Dawidek (GD), Cllr. Simon Flounders (SF), Cllr. Norman Lamb (NL), Cllr. Dean Wise (DW) Present: Cllr. Nick Bell (NB) [Chairman], Cllr. Kevin Ashwood (KA), Cllr. John Harrison (JH), Cllr. Philip Marwood (PM), Cllr. Peter Smith (PS), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk/RFO]
    Members of the Public: NoneMembers participating Unanimously Resolved that the Council approved GD, SF, NL and DW’s reasons for their absences from the re-timed meeting.
  3. Minutes of Previous Meetings: Those who were present at those meetings Unanimously Resolved to ‘take as read’ the Minutes of the:
    – 10 May 2023 Annual Meeting
    – 12 July Ordinary Meeting
  4. Matters Discussed:
    a) Finance
           i)   Clerk/RFO summarised the financial situation as sound, noting that the
                slightly higher cost of grass cutting was likely to result in support from the
                ring-fenced ‘Just Giving’ fund set aside for this contingency purpose
           ii)  Clerk/RFO advised that Ms Pauline Durant has apologised that she will no
                longer be able to perform the Internal Audit; a possible replacement
                honorary Internal Auditor is being approached.      
    b) Road Safety:
           i)    VAS: The ‘August’ usage of the equipment is still ongoing. The data will
                 be downloaded, analysed, and presented in due course

     c) Village Estate Management:
            i)    Beck/Beckside: Wold Ecology’s Management Plan, with the Action Plan
                  from iv) below as an Appendix, has been issued in its final form                   
            ii)   Grass Cutting: PS reported that, as a result of the demands of his other
                  workload, Mr Witty has yet to complete Cut 2.
                  NB took the opportunity to remind members that Cut 3 would involve
                  gathering and, some two weeks later, leading away the cuttings from the
                  annually cut area. A notice will be placed prominently and volunteers
                  encouraged to lead the cuttings away
                  NB also took the opportunity, with these Minutes, on behalf of the PC to
                 thank all the residents who have generously assisted in the grass
                 cutting through the season
          iii)   Beck flow restrictions downstream: NB will inform Birdsall Estates of the
          iv)   Beck clearance: NB advised that:
                 – Village resident Dr Harry Featherstone is licensed to spray weed killer
                   ‘around water’ and has kindly offered to secure the necessary
                    permission from EA and to spray the beckside reeds
                 – It is hoped that an EA representative will visit the site in connection
                   with the foregoing. The opportunity will be taken at that time to discuss
                   the removal of  the encroached banks at the brick bridge                 
           v)     Trees: Clerk reported that the alder tree has recovered from its
                   ‘alder leaf beetle’ infestation                 
           vi)    Beckside Pavement Vehicular Access: After discussion it was agreed to
                   install a lift-out, prominent steel pole near the north ford
      d) Miscellaneous:
            i)     Welcome Packs: Clerk and JH will update the Pack
            ii)    Village Hall Play Area: NB will discuss this with JH ahead of
                   November’s PC meeting
            iii)   School vulnerability to traffic hazards: NB has understood from the Chair
                   of the Trustees that a reviewby the school has concluded that no
                   practicable action is possible
            iv)   LED street lights: Clerk has requested Acorn to remedy the problem of
                   the lamp near the road bridge being perpetually illuminated
            v)    Defibrillator: In response to the VH Committee’s request for PC to
                   contribute toward its cost, it was Resolved to contribute £150 per annum
                   from the precept
                   Proposed: PM Seconded: KA Votes:Unanimous
            vii)  Mill pedestrian bridge: It was agreed that its metal posts and rails need
                   rubbing-down and re-painting. It was Resolved to request Mr Witty to
                   execute the work in his Odd Jobs capacity, at his hourly rate plus
                   materials, for a price not exceeding £200  
                   Proposed: PS   Seconded: PM   Votes: Unanimous                   
 5.   Representation reports:

John Harrison– Neighbourhood Watch
Nick Bell– YLCA Branch Representative
– Quarry Liaison
Dean Wise– YLCA Branch Representative

NL reported that fresh NHW signs are now displayed at the entrances to the village

6.    Planning:
            i)   Planning Application ZE23/01201/FUL: Installation of 4no.
                 replacement windows with double glazed UPVC windows in
                 Settrington village hall. Approved
            ii)  Planning Application No: 23/00281/FUL: Erection of a
                 detached 4no bedroom agricultural workers dwelling with
                 associated car parking, access road, detached garage and
                 landscaping at Sparrow Hall Farm. Approved

7.     AOB: None              
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.45 p.m.

Next Meeting: 8 November Ordinary Meeting at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall