Parish Council

The Parish Council is a statutory body which oversees local affairs.
It consists of 9 members who are elected every four years.
It is responsible for such matters as village street lighting, grass-cutting and Settrington Beck, and for liaison with other statutory bodies such as Ryedale District Council, NYCC Highways, etc.

Ryedale District Council consults the Parish Council with regard to planning, etc. matters, however the latter can only advise; decisions rest with the District Council.

Meetings of the Council are held regularly; anyone may attend them. The Agenda and Minutes are posted on the Parish Council Notice Board and on the village website; the annual accounts, which show how the local precept is utilised, are available for scrutiny after having been audited.

The Clerk to the Parish Council is Bruce Skinner.
Tel: 01944 768276             E-mail address:

List of Parish Councillors 2024

Name Address Tel.No./E-mail address
Mr Kevin Ashdown ‘Garth House’
Cock Garth
07791 271513
Mr Nick Bell ‘Brook Farm’
Back Lane
07809 203945
Mr Gervase Dawidek ‘Willowbeck Lodge’
Forkers Lane
07764 196298

Mr Simon Flounders 30 Beckside 01944 768462
Mr John Harrison ‘The Cobblers’
Town Green Lane
01944 768476
Ms Jo Jackson ‘South View’
Chapel Road
01944 768689
Mr Norman Lamb ‘New Dairy Farm’
42A Back Lane
01944 768318
Mr Peter Smith ‘St George’s Cottage’ Beckside 01944 768279
Mr Dean Wise ‘Rectory Cottage’
Back Lane
01944 768410