DRAFT Minutes of Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall (YO17 8NR) at 7p.m. on Thursday 14 March 2024

  1. Open Forum: No members of the public attended for this purpose
  2. Apologies for Absence: Cllr. Norman Lamb (NL)
    Cllr. Nick Bell (NB) [Chairman], Dean Wise (DW) [Deputy Chairman], Cllr. Cllr. Kevin Ashdown (KA), Cllr. Gervase Dawidek (GD), Cllr. Simon Flounders (SF), Cllr. John Harrison (JH), Cllr. Joanne Jackson (JJ), Cllr. Peter Smith (PS), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk/RFO]
    Members of the Public: None. Members participating Unanimously Resolved that the Council approved NL’s reason (previous commitment) for his absence from the, postponed at the last minute, meeting.

    JH left the meeting at 8.40p.m. having advised his familial interest in Item 7 vi).
  3. Minutes of Previous Meetings: Those who were present at that meeting Unanimously Resolved to ‘take as read’ the Minutes of the 10 January Ordinary Meeting
  4. Matters to be Discussed:

    a) Finance:
          i}    Current financial situation: Clerk reported the following figures:
    Receipts since last meeting

Payments since last meeting

Clerk – Q4 2023 + Q1 2024 + Expenses£688.51
Clerk – 2022 & 2023 Rate Adjustments£148.64

Accounts’ Balances

Virgin Money Current A/C£7381.05
Skipton BS – Branch Saver A/C No. 1£2440.16
Skipton BS – Branch Saver A/C No. 2£2536.36

b) Road Safety:
       i)    VAS: SF advised that the December data shows some improvement over
             the previous set, with no vehicle exceeding 45mph.
             The current, March 2024, plan to have the VAS pointing towards incoming
             traffic for half the month, and towards leaving traffic for the other half, could
             indicate whether seeing the illuminated VAS has a positive effect on
             adherence to the 30mph limit.
             NB will research whether encouraging traffic police interest is likely to have a
             positive effect, and whether it would be possible to install a ‘gate’ near the
             Jubilee bench on the Beckside road to discourage green-laners.
             Consideration will be given to installing the VAS next time on the Forkers
             Lane entry to the village.
       ii)   Speed limit painted on road: Cllr. Goodrick agreed to support the request to
             Highways, however there has been no response from Highways so far.
             The meeting requested Clerk to re-engage with Cllr Goodrick to establish the
             latest situation and, if appropriate, the reasons why this can’t be done

c) Village Estate Management:
       i)   Grass Cutting Contract: Rob Witty has acknowledged contract roll-over for a
            further year at the same hourly rate                  
       ii)  Beck Management:
             a) Brick Bridge: Chairman expressed the PC’s thanks to NL and his son
                 Nicholas Lamb for their generous removal of some 40-50 tons of bank
                 silt to open-up the east arch and alter the flow, which is now through the
                 centre arch. Monitoring the effect of this maintenance exercise will advise
                 future activity.
                 Budget provision will be made to ensure overflow provision through both
                 outer arches.                                
            b)  Reeds: Will have their first spraying when they reach some 15-20cms
                 growth, and thereafter will be sprayed as necessary during the 2024
       iii)   Back Lane cherry trees: NYCC LPA has no objection to the proposed works;
              however, ‘would request that the crown lifting is to a height not in excess of
              3 metres above ground level’

              Clerk will request Gary Liversidge to liaise with NL to execute the work at
              the appropriate time

d) Quarry
       i)   Mineral Rights: Fenstone would like to secure the rights to extract the
            underlying minerals from the ex parish-pit plot next to the site access which
            the PC sold to the Beals in 2000.
            However, despite detailed ongoing investigation, the PC is unable to
            determine any written evidence that it had, or still has, the mineral rights.
       ii)  Extension of Time and Extraction area: The deadline for comment on these.
            two Applications has been extended; proposals that the PC should object on
            various grounds have been received from some residents.
            After considerable discussion, the meeting agreed that residents should, by
            copy of these minutes, be aware that their views collectively are likely to have
            more impact if expressed individually to NYCC.
            Meanwhile, the PC reflected that it had, during this protracted review period
            had, in addition to having had quarterly, positively-influential meetings with
            the quarry operator, made the attached formal comments on the planning
            applications:  See Attachment
   e) Miscellaneous:
         i)   Website: After discussion, cllrs Unanimously Resolved that, in order to
              comply with its statutory obligations, it would at this stage be preferable for
              the PC to have its own independent website, with a gov.uk domain name.       
              The PC will now proceed to engage a website designer/manager and
              accordingly pursue the changeover, with proposals presented at the next
         ii)  Register of Interests: These have all been received from cllrs, and will be
              posted on the village website
         iii) Street Lights: Still no response from contractor Acorn
         iv) Brick Bridge adornment: The proposal to place free-standing planters at no
              cost on the parapets of the bridge was approved, with the understanding
              that their effectiveness is subject to periodic review  
 5.   Representation reports:

John Harrison– Neighbourhood Watch
Nick Bell– YLCA Branch Representative
– Quarry Liaison
Dean Wise– YLCA Branch Representative

JH expressed his thanks for the efforts of his list of volunteers and others in keeping the village and its environs litter free, and encouraged others to volunteer too.
Members present also expressed their thanks to JH and his volunteers

6.    Planning:

         i)   Tree Works Application ZE24/00041/CAT: Prune 12 ornamental cherry
              trees on Back Lane to allow tractor clearance for mowing. Approved – see
              4 c) iii) above
    7.    AOB:
i)   The suggestion that cllrs’ bios should be posted on the Information Pack,
               alongside their existing contact details on the website Village Information
               Pack, was considered and agreed on an optional basis
         ii)   Members of the meeting expressed the PC’s thanks to Cllr.DW and Ms
               Wise for their seasonal Toad Patrol which saved the lives of countless
iii)  Easter Monday: The meeting endorsed NL’s proposal that the successful
               Boxing Day gathering on the brick bridge should be repeated on Easter
iv)  Bonfires: Having been made aware of a plume of obnoxious bonfire smoke
               across the beck in early March, the PC encourages residents to be
               thoughtful when lighting fires; if in fact they need to do so at all      
         v)   Bus Service: Members were reminded of the recently announced change of
               operator from 1 April, and the consequent timetable modest changes, i.e.
               that 1310hrs departures from Foxholes will instead depart at 1325hrs and
               that 1215hrs departures from Malton will instead depart at 1230hrs          vi)  Barking dogs: After discussion of continuing complaints, Clerk was
               requested to seek clarification from NYCC’s Environmental Health
               department regarding the status of their investigation of the situation in the
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.50p.m.

Next Meeting: 8 May Ordinary Meeting after the 7p.m. Parish Meeting and Annual Meeting in the Village Hall