DRAFT Minutes of Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall (YO17 8NR) at 7p.m. on Wednesday 10 January 2024

  1. Open Forum: No members of the public attended for this purpose
  2. Apologies for Absence:
    Cllr. Nick Bell (NB) [Chairman], Cllr. Dean Wise (DW) [Deputy Chairman], Cllr. Kevin Ashdown (KA), Cllr. Gervase Dawidek (GD), Cllr. Simon Flounders (SF), Cllr. John Harrison (JH), Cllr. Norman Lamb (NL), Cllr. Peter Smith (PS), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk/RFO]
    Members of the Public: Ms Joanne Jackson (see Item 4 below)
  3. Minutes of Previous Meetings:
    It was Resolved to delete the word ‘apparent’ from Item 1 of the Minutes of the 8 November Ordinary Meeting
    Proposed: GD     Seconded: DW         Votes: Unanimous
    With that amendment, those who were present at the meeting Unanimously Resolved to ‘take as read’ the Minutes.
  4. Co-option: It was Unanimously Resolved to co-opt sole applicant Joanne Jackson as Councillor
    Ms. Jackson signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office and was requested to complete and return to the Clerk her completed Register of Interests form.
    Chairman, NB, welcomed Cllr. Joanne Jackson (JJ) to the PC
  5. Matters to be Discussed:

    a) Finance:
           i)    Current financial situation: Clerk/RFO reported that there were no issues
                 to report
           ii)   Internal Auditor: It was Resolved to appoint Ms Francis Lockey to
                 undertake this annual role on an appropriate remuneration basis.
                 Proposed: NB  Seconded: KA          Votes: Unanimous

    b) Road Safety:
           i)    VAS: SF advised that he is resolving technical issues with data retrieval
                 and will report on his analysis of the last two sets of data at the next
                 The VAS is next scheduled for Settrington use in March 2024.

     c) Village Estate Management:
            i)     Grass Cutting: PS reported that the 2023 season’s strimming
                   programme was completed within budget.

                   Chairman reiterated his thanks to contractor Rob Witty for his efforts and
                   to NL, SF and the many others who have contributed their efforts. He
                   also expressed his thanks to Ruth Russell and her team for raking and
                   leading-away the cuttings from the strimming of the annually cut area.
            ii)    Grass Cutting Contract: It was Resolved to roll-over the Rob Witty
                   grass cutting for a second year at the existing rate.
                   Proposed: NB  Seconded: PS   Votes: Unanimous
            iii)   Beck Management:
                   a) Brick Bridge: Chairman reiterated that it is intended to remove the
                       encroached bank up’ and downstream of the east arch as soon as
                       weather permits
                   b) Reeds: Chairman confirmed that it is intended that Harry
                       Featherstone will spray the encroaching reeds after spring growth and
                       as necessary thereafter during 2024
            iii)   Back Lane cherry trees: It was Resolved to seek NYCC approval and
                   thereafter to prune low branches to facilitate grass cutting
                   Propose: NL    Seconded: JJ            Votes: Unanimous
      d) Miscellaneous:
            i)     Website: We have been advised by NYCC that, from March 2025 our
                   village website will no longer be hosted by Ryedale Connect.
                   After discussion, it was agreed that cllrs will solicit views regarding
                   whether the PC should have its own website or be a member of a village
                   website management team, in preparation for discussion at the next
            ii)    D Day anniversary: See AOB item vii) below             
 5.   Representation reports:

John Harrison– Neighbourhood Watch
Nick Bell– YLCA Branch Representative
– Quarry Liaison
Dean Wise– YLCA Branch Representative

Nothing to report

6.    Planning:
             i)   Planning Notification ZE23/06882/LBC: Erection of single storey rear extension with associated internal alterations (revised scheme to approval 21/01434/LBC dated 08.02.2022) at 3 Town Street.

Retrospective revision: Rear windows have 6 c.f 8 panes

Clerk advised that, with endorsement from PS, he had considered that the PC had no observations to make regarding this notification. Notice has subsequently been received that this application has been approved.

7.    AOB:   
i)    Safeguarding Policy: JJ volunteered to replace Susan Blagden as
                    Designated Lead
              ii)   Register of Interests: In order to belatedly post copies on the website,
                    Clerk will send cllrs blank forms, requesting them to be completed
                    digitally and returned to him
              iii)  Clerk will request Birdsall Estates to investigate and remedy the flooding
                    on the Settrington to Scagglethorpe road from the ‘mucking out’ waste
                    storage area at the Crosscliffe Farm Lane junction   
              iv)  Clerk will request Cllr Goodrick’s support for our request for speed limit
                    figures to be painted on the roads entering the village
              v)   Chairman expressed his thanks to NL and Mr & Ms James for the
                    coloured Christmas lights on the brick bridge, and suggested that next
                    year we should do the same with the Mill bridge too
              vi)  Chairman reminded the meeting of his suggestion at the last meeting
                    that a ‘tradition’ should be established of having a Settrington Social
                    gathering in the evening of the first Monday of the month, on the brick
                    bridge in ‘the summer’ and at the Ham & Cheese in ‘the winter’; noting
                    that the first gathering on 4 December had been a success and that a
                    lunchtime gathering had been held on the brick bridge on Boxing Day in
                    place of the January event.
                    He suggested that the D Day landings could be commemorated at the
                    June gathering   
              vii) Chairman expressed his thanks to Ruth Russell for trimming back the
                    ivy bush on the Chapel Road pavement     
              viii) Street Lights: Clerk has repeatedly requested contractor Acorn to
                     remedy the switching-off in daylight problem with the light near the road
                     bridge – so far to no avail           
 There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.15 p.m.

Next Meeting: 13 March Ordinary Meeting at 7p.m. in the Village Hall