Items of Expenditure greater than £100

Date Purpose Amount Non Recoverable VAT
14-Apr Clerk 274.82 N/A
11-May Acorn Lighting 156.60 N/A
02-May Neville Maw 34.80 N/A
02-May Zurich 441.55 N/A
02-Jun Brian Douthwaite 529.00 N/A
14-Jul YLCA 130.00 N/A
14-Sep Southern Electric 876.83 N/A
01-Aug Brian Douthwaite 342.50 N/A
28-Sep Southern Electric 120.09 N/A
08-Oct Robert Witty 20.00 N/A
08-Oct Clerk 332.38 N/A
19-Oct Southern Electric 123.43 N/A
20-Nov Southern Electric 129.94 N/A
24-Nov Village Hall rent (prior year) 88.00 N/A
01-Dec Brian Douthwaite 324.50 N/A
21-Dec Southern Electric 120.09 N/A
22-Jan Southern Electric 136.24 N/A
19-Feb Southern Electric 116.93 N/A
24-Feb Clerk 590.72 N/A
24-Feb G & H ITT Advert 69.36 N/A
24-Feb Computer Monitor 79.00 N/A
19-Mar Southern Electric 116.93 N/A
15-Mar Settrington VCC 350.00 N/A

Appendix 1 – (These are presented separately on this website)

     Scans of duly signed pages of the AGAR forms, viz:

    Appendix 2 – End of Year Accounts viz:
 – Bank Reconciliation

– Movement in fixed assets and long term investments

– Variance Analysis

List of Councillor or Member Responsibilities

Name Councillor/Other Function External Representation
Philip Marwood Councillor Chairman YLCA Branch Representative
Pauline Durant Councillor Treasurer/RFO  
Sue Blagden Councillor   Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
John Harrison Councillor   Neighbourhood Watch & Litter
Norman Lamb Councillor    
Alan Mitchell Councillor   Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan YLCA Branch Representative
Ruth Russell Councillor   RDC & Parish Liaison Meeting
Peter Smith Councillor    
Stewart Walker Councillor    
Bruce Skinner Other Parish Clerk  

Details of Public Land and Building Assets

Land Owner/Custodian Present use
Beckside/Village Green – greensward & beck Primarily – Parish Council /Parish Council Amenity
Chapel Garth – greensward Birdsall Estates/Parish Council Amenity
Bus shelter Parish Council/Parish Council Amenity
Cock Garth Pedestrian Bridge Parish Council/Parish Council Amenity

Minutes, Agendas and Meeting papers of formal meetings 

These are routinely presented separately elsewhere on this website

Appendix 12021 ANNUAL RETURN

–         Internal Audit Report

–        Annual Governance Statement Section 1

–        Accounting Statement Section 2

These are presented separately on the Parish Council section of the website under the heading: ‘Annual Governance and Accountability Forms’

Appendix 2 – End of Year Accounts

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Movement in fixed assets and long term investments
  • Variance Analysis

See below: