Community Speed Watch … Are you interested ?

Concern has been expressed to the Parish Council (PC) regarding the speeding of vehicles driving through the village.

At the PC’s request, the ’95 Alive’ team have recently measured the typical speeds and concluded that we are eligible to be included in their Community Speed Watch (CSW) scheme.

This would involve having a rota’d team of volunteers to measure and record vehicles’ speeds using a laser speed gun.

The coordinator of the scheme has advised as follows:

The first stage is to gather the names of at least four people who are willing and able to take part. Once I have received these details, I will ask our Police Support Volunteers to come out and conduct site assessments of the area. If successful, we can then organise a training session and provide the CSW equipment. Following the training, you are free to deploy as often as you would like. Any offences noted by the CSW group will be processed by North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau and warning letters will be sent out to the driver’s address for the first and second offence. If a third offence is registered, driver details will be passed to our Roads Policing Group who will attend the address to speak to them in person.

The Parish Council is thus seeking volunteers to join such a CSW team, and, in particular, someone prepared to ‘own’, co-ordinate and run the campaign, be the custodian of the kit, manage the rota, liaise routinely with the police, etc.

If you are interested in joining such a team, and perhaps leading it, please contact me.


25 April 2018



Parish Council Clerk – Bruce Skinner

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