Quarry Liaison Meeting ~ 30 October 2017

Notes from Settrington Quarry Liaison Meeting Held on Site at 10.30hrs on Monday 30 October 2017


1.Apologies for absence: Steve Beal (SB) – Landowner

Attendees: Amy Taylor (AT) – NYCC, Dan Walker (DW) – Agent for Fenstone, Alan Mitchell (AM) – PC, Bruce Skinner (BS) – PC Clerk
2.Matters Carried Over from Last Meeting:


a) Import of restoration fill: Coincidentally there have been 30,000 tons of product exported and 30,000 tons of fill imported – the latter has been deposited in the NW quadrant of the site. Extraction from the current working area is exhausted, and hence both export and import have virtually ceased awaiting the outcome of b) below

b) Extraction move into existing extension area: Fenstone are in active dialogue with the site owners regarding this. When the issue is resolved, hopefully by early 2018, extraction from this final acre should yield some 130,000 tons. The resultant delay may require Fenstone to apply for an extension of time to complete extraction from the existing license area. DW will keep PC apprised of the status of this situation.

c) Consultation on further extension area: Presentation of the Submission version of the M&W Joint Plan is scheduled for February 2018; however, this may be delayed as a consequence of NYCC staffing constraints.

d) Resolution of issue of Settrington Estate boundary fence: Apparently this matter, with e) below has effectively been resolved.

e) Fence type/design: See note from post the 2016 meeting viz: ‘Alan Goforth of NYCC (advised) that ‘NYCC understands that the HSE have had no issues with security at the quarry’ and that ‘The Monitoring and Compliance Officer is of the view that the boundary hedge is of sufficient thickness and density and combined with the wooden post and two strand barbed wire fence the site is appropriately secure taking account of the rural setting’.’

f) Latest topographical survey: DW apologised for the delay in providing copies, and will do so forthwith.

g) Network Rail’s monitoring of the condition of the tunnel: Apparently, Network Rail are responsible for existing track, etc., whilst the Heritage Asset Group (HAG), integrated into the various local authority Highways Departments throughout the country, is responsible for ‘British Rail’ assets that are no longer in use.

h) Were NYCC Highways consulted regarding the tunnel? It seems that, in either guise, NYCC Highways have not been consulted regarding the effect of nearby blasting on the tunnel. DW agreed to contact the local HAG, and to invite their inclusion in the next round of consultation. [After the meeting, AM found their contact details: Highways Agency Historical Railways Estate, Hudson House, York Tel. No. 0300 123 5000]

i) Blasting vibrograph vibration monitoring data: The latest vibrograph reading at Settrington Grange (SG) was 2.66 mm/sec (c.f. a permitted limit of 12 mm/sec.)

j) Notice of blasting: Apparently, any issues with SG have been resolved; the Beals are treated similarly.

2.Matters Arisen since Last Meeting

a) Washing down: Fenstone were requested to cease their occasional practice of dumping a front-loader bucket full of water onto the road. In the event that mud is deposited on the highway, the use of a road sweeper would be a better solution. Fenstone agreed to give consideration to installing a perimeter drain at the site gateway to prevent ‘muddy’ site rainwater flowing down into the village (such a drain should of course exhaust into the quarry).



a) PC expressed their appreciation for Fenstone having mowed the quarry road grass verge, and for the start made on restoration by planting ‘conifers’ at the site entrance.

b) AT announced that she is now a Planner, and no longer primarily a compliance and enforcement officer; thus, depending on the success of recruitment, a different NYCC representative may attend next year’s meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 11.25 a.m.

Nominal Date for Next Meeting: Mid October 2018