4 July – Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of Meeting held at Settrington Village Hall on Wednesday 4 July 2018 at 7 p.m.

  1. Apologies for Absence: Philip Marwood (PM) [Vice Chairman]
    Present: Peter Smith (PS) [Chairman], Pauline Durant (PD) [Treasurer/RFO], John Harrison (JH), Alan Mitchell (AM), Norman Lamb (NL), Jane Ramsden (JR), Margaret Tierney (MT), Colin Wigglesworth (CW), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk]
    Members of the Public: Five members of the public attendedCllrs present accepted PM’s reasons for his absenceJR left the meeting at 8.10 p.m. [after Item 3 e)] to attend to other business
  2. Minutes of the last meeting
    9 May General Meeting
    Taken as read
    Proposed: PD Seconded: CW         Votes: Unanimous
  3. Matters Carried Over from Last Meeting
    a) Fracking Resolution (This item had been brought to the top of the Agenda for the convenience of members of the public who might attend for this topic):
    Having been copied after the last meeting, legal advice from RDC, endorsed by YLCA, was that the resolution passed at the 17 April Extra-ordinary meeting constituted ‘predetermination’, which was inadvisable.
    It was therefore proposed and Resolved that that resolution should be retracted and replaced with the following:Settrington Parish Council notes the extent of public concern regarding the potential damage to the environment which may be caused by fracking. The Council will only support an application for fracking, or exploration activity preparatory to fracking, if it is satisfied that all such concerns have been resolved satisfactorily. It will discharge its function as a statutory consultee based on the merits of each planning application when it is asked to respond. It will need to be satisfied that risks posed by any application are outweighed by any benefits which the proposed development would bring.

    Proposed: PS     Seconded: PD                      Votes: For: 6  Abstentions: 2b) Fibre Broadband: AM has contacted our MP, who continues to support our case for inclusion in Phase 3
    c) Beck management: Gravel shoals having been removed, the fords were re-opened on 2 July
    d) Dog Poo Bins: The 3 new bins are in operation; the meeting expressed thanks to JH for installing them
    e) Grass cutting: After much discussion, two proposals were put to the meeting:

    Proposal 1 (from JH): That the current beckside mowing regime [resolved at the 12 July 2017 meeting (Leave the delineated boggy areas unmown during through the growing season, only topped-off at the end of the season), and modified by resolution at the 14 March 2018 meeting (For a trial period of 1 year, the boggy areas would not be mown at all)] should be continued

    Proposal 2 (from PS): That the current regime should be modified as follows:
    – Non-boggy areas: Routinely strimmed to 6”
    – Boggy areas: Strimmed to 16”
    – Beck banks: Maintained at 1 yard wide, but strimmed to 16” high

    It was Resolved to accept Proposal 1
    Votes: For: 6       Against: 2

    PS declared that he wished to relinquish the role of being the Parish Council’s ‘nominated Representative’ for the grass cutting contract.
    JH agreed to accept that role with immediate effect.

    f) Community Speed Watch: The Speed Concerns team have declined to repeat their speed measurement exercise, saying that this should be done by Community Speed Watch volunteers. It was agreed that the effort to recruit volunteers would be re-vitalised.
    Clerk will ask NYCC Highways if it is possible to move the Forkers Lane 30 mph sign some distance further away from the village boundary

  4. Matters Arisen since Last Meeting
    a) Amendment of Standing Order (STO) #1 re Planning Application circulation:
    It was proposed and Resolved that the section concerning Cllrs’ Applications should be amended as follows:The Cllr applicant should be in the first row of the circulation sheet (above the Chairman in the second row).
    In the Comments column, the applicant should declare her/his interest, together with any brief explanatory/clarification note(s).
    He/she should then pass the sheet to the Chairman to commence circulation
    If the Cllr applicant is the Chairman:
    – Clerk (with, if appropriate, consultation with Vice Chairman) should decide whether the Application warrants PC discussion, or simply circulation for comment
    – In latter case, in the last row of the circulation sheet, Chairman should state that the sheet when complete should be returned directly to the Clerk
    – In either case, discussion or circulation, Clerk and Vice Chairman should jointly draft the comment to be sent to the Authority
    Albeit that all PC business is ultimately accessible to the public, Clerk should not reveal to the Cllr applicant the identities of other Cllrs who have made comments on the circulation sheet

    Proposed: PD     Seconded: JH           Votes: Unanimous

    b) Cllrs to use Parish Portal themselves to report potholes: Clerk encouraged Cllrs to register
    c) Cemetery maintenance contribution to VCC: It was proposed and Resolved to maintain the Parish Council’s at £350 p.a.
    Proposed: PD     Seconded: JH           Votes: Unanimous
    d) GDPR Breach insurance: PD will confirm, or otherwise, that PC’s indemnity insurance covers fines for breaches
    e) Overhanging hedges: It was agreed that Clerk should send a polite letter to specific residents of properties whose foliage overhangs the NE beckside footpath, asking them to trim it back for the convenience of users, and that notes would be delivered to all Town Street residents asking them to ensure that their flowerbeds do not encroach on the pavement

  5. Representation
John Harrison Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)
Alan Mitchell Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
YLCA Branch Representative
Philip Marwood YLCA Branch Representative
Jane Ramsden Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan

RDC & Parish Liaison Meeting

– JH advised that Graham Clough has been replaced by Ruth Russell as NHW coordinator for Back Lane
– The other representatives had nothing to report

  1. Noteworthy Correspondence
    a) Grants from Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust
    b)  NALC New Strategic Plan
    c)  NALC CEO’s Bulletins
    d)  Survey re Community Infrastructure Levy Adoption
    e)  ‘Don’t Be a Waster’ flyers
    f)   Choosing new NY Chief Constable – Invite
    g)  NHS Clinical Commissioning Group AGM – Invite
    h)  Community Led Housing Event – Notice
    i)   Survey re Neighbourhood Policing
    j)   Thirsk & Malton Constituency Meeting – Invite
    k)  S.Pigott E-mail re Rectory Farm
    l)   Notice of Barry Dodd CBE Thanksgiving Service
    m) Results of Survey re Speed Activated Signs
  2. Planning
    a) Replacement conservatory at St. George’s Cottage: Outcome: Approved
    b) Rectory Farm Development re-submission – 18/00282/FUL: Clerk was instructed to request a two week’s extension of the 14 July deadline for ‘observations’, and requested to arrange an Extra-Ordinary meeting to review the application and agree a response.
    Later: Deadline extended to 28 July
  3. AOB
    a) Greatly increased HGV traffic through village: PS advised the meeting that NYCC Cllr Keane Duncan had been invited to attend the next meeting and that this matter should be raised with him at that timeThere being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.

Date of next Meeting: Wednesday 12 September