Keep Settrington Tidy


Volunteer(s) Area
Peter Smith Beckside – North-East from Chapel Road Bridge to the Mill
Ann Baldwin Beckside – South-West from Chapel Road to the Mill
John Cleverly Church Road and New Road
Audrey & David Woollard Forkers Lane, from junction with Church Lane to Crosscliffe Farm entrance
Paul Thacker Forkers Lane, from Crosscliffe Farm entrance to the Bullpiece
Mr J Hebden with help from

Alan & Nicky Hodgson

Forkers Lane, from Scagglethorpe including the Bullpiece
Neville Armstrong Forkers Lane (in Settrington) & Cockgarth


Janice Croft Middleton Close
The School Village Hall car park, play equipment area and Playing Field
Rounthwaite Family Town Street & Chapel Road
Norman Lamb Scarlet Balk Lane, from Brambling Lane to Sparrow Hall junction
Margaret Tierney Back Lane, from School to Fish Pond Corner
Kenelm Storey – Grimston Lane to Settrington Grange – Horse Course Lane, from Fish Pond Corner to Low Bellmanear.
Tony & Penny Aspey & Dean & Nicola Wise


Grimston Lane, from Settrington Grange to Bellmanear Farm
John & Philip Marwood Grimston Lane, from Bellmanear Farm to Beverley Road junction
Bruce Skinner Settrington Top Road, from Grimston Lane to Sparrow Hall junction
John Harrison Malton Road, from Sparrow Hall junction to Westfield Farm
Stephen Boak & John Cleverly Malton Road, from Westfield Farm to Beverley Road
Anne & Geoff Baron Green Lane, from Thorpe Bassett to Settrington High Street
John Harrison & Ruth Russell – Town Green Lane – Horse Course Lane, from Low Bellmanear via Settrington High Street to Duggleby Lodge and Duggleby High Barn

All Volunteers have designated areas to keep clear of litter but are encouraged to help wherever they see it.

Anyone can help the volunteers to keep Settrington and the surrounding roads free of litter, the more helpers the better as the problem is so constant. Just keep a carrier bag and a grasper or some rubber gloves in the car boot.  If you require Ryedale bin bags, which are specially for litter collection and will be collected if left by your wheelie bin, call at the HHS Office in Settrington for a pack.  Litter graspers are available from Yorkshire Trading, R Yates & Sons, Malton or the HHS Office. Thank you in anticipation of any help you can give.

If you are interested in helping with any of these areas, please contact John Harrison at Harrison Hire,

Tel: 01944 768441 (evenings 01944 768476)

Thank You