Grass Cutting Tender 2019

Grass Cutting in Settrington for the 2019 Season

The Parish Council wishes to engage the services of a Contractor to cut beckside vegetation and grass verges in the village, by machine and ‘strimmer’ as appropriate.


Within the boundaries of the village, in addition to the typical, relatively narrow grass verges alongside pavements/footpaths and at the base of hedges, and the beckside village green area adjacent to the beck, there are some 1000ms of historical, broad grass verges.
Only a road-flanking width of some 1.5 – 2m of the broad verges is cut routinely through the season; from experience, the uneven terrain of the verges suits a tractor-mounted flail to this task.
Large areas of the beckside are boggy, and suited only to ‘strimming’, rather than machine cutting.

The readily-accessible areas of the roadside verges and the beckside suited to machine cutting are kindly often mowed by residents.
If he has the available resources, the roadside flanks of the broad verges are kindly on occasion flailed by a local farmer, as, once a year, are the verges’ remaining widths.
The road safety sight-lines at the various road junctions within the village boundaries need to be maintained throughout the season.

Invitation to Tender

Tenders are invited for a ‘call-off’ contract, based on tractor-mounted flail and ‘strimming’ equipment-plus-operator hourly rates for contractor non-exclusive involvement in the following indicative work programme:

Cut 0 – Possible cuts of verge sight lines in April/May at each of the road junctions within the village boundaries.
Cut 1 – A further cut at road junctions and an initial, first of the season, cut of the beckside, avoiding daffodils, wild flowers, and weeds which need to mature before being sprayed by others.
Cut 2 – In, say, June, a full cut of the beckside, a cut at the road junctions and a cut of verges within the village boundaries to a maximum of one width of a typical tractor flail.
Cut 3 – An intermediate, road safety, cut at road junctions.
Cut 4 – As Cut 2, in, say, September – together with a cut of the remainder of the width of the broad verges
Cut 5 – If necessary, one last cut at road junctions

The areas to be cut will be agreed before each Cut between the Contractor and a nominated Representative of the Council; the quantity of work to be undertaken will be subject to stringent budgetary constraints.

The Contractor may present an invoice after each Cut.

The Contractor will be required to effect and maintain Policies* of insurance in respect of any liability which may arise, and indemnify the Parish Council against all losses, claims, demands, proceedings, damages, costs, charges and expenses which may arise. (* £5m Public Liability & £10m Employer’s Liability)

Copies of the Policy documents and summaries of the terms of the Policies should be presented with the Tender, along with:

  • Risk Assessments for each of the operations
  • A list of the machinery that will used to execute the work
  • An acknowledgement of the Parish Council’s environmental, ecological and wildlife standards (as presented in Settrington’s ‘Village Design Statement’ on the village website) and a statement of Contractor’s intent to comply accordingly
  • A description of similar works previously undertaken, with references.

Tenderers who are not familiar with the village and the areas to be cut, will be expected to request a site visit hosted by a Parish Council representative.

The Parish Council is not committed to accepting the lowest cost Tender, or to give de-briefing reasons for its choice of Contractor.

This Invitation to Tender shall form the basis for the eventual Contract.

The Parish Council may elect to retain the services of the contractor for a second annual season at mutually acceptable rates.


In a sealed envelope, clearly marked GRASS CUTTING TENDER