DRAFT Minutes of Remote Zoom Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 6 January 2021 at 7 p.m.

Open Forum.
No local residents attended for an Open Forum

Apologies for Absence: Norman Lamb (NL)
Philip Marwood (PM) [Chairman], Alan Mitchell [Vice Chairman], Pauline Durant (PD) [RFO], Sue Blagden (SB), John Harrison (JH), Ruth Russell (RR), Peter Smith (PS), Stewart Walker (SW), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk]
Non-Attendees: N/A
Members of the Public: Sally CoxMembers participating unanimously RESOLVED that the Council approved NL’s reason for absence from the meeting

Minutes of Previous Meeting(s):
Members who had attended the meetings unanimously RESOLVED to accept as read the minutes of the following:
EO Meeting 2 December 2020
– EO Meeting 30 December 2020

The Chairman agreed to these minutes being signed digitally.

Matters Carried Over from Last Meeting
a) Community Speed Watch (CSW) & Vehicle Activated Speed matrix sign (VAS) – SW has been trained, and intends to recruit a team and commence operations in April. The equipment, currently held by SW, is to be shared with the Scagglethorpe CSW team.
The Settrington team will operate on Forkers Lane from the paved approach to the ‘Akaroa’ driveway; on their arrival, Clerk will approach the eventual new occupants to gain their agreement to this arrangement.
Meanwhile, SW will investigate whether there is a similar potential operating site on Back Lane and, if appropriate, gain approval from the resident concerned and register the site with the CSW authority.
Having decided at the 2 December EO meeting not to have a VAS on Forkers Lane, the meeting had little enthusiasm for utilising existing poles on Back Lane and/or Town Street for a VAS. Instead, SW agreed to research the whole subject of traffic and speed calming, e.g. additional speed humps or modifying existing ones, chicanes, etc., and to report at a future meeting.

b) Cockgarth footbridge replacement – NL has previously advised that he plans to install the bridge during the winter when conditions and the availability of staff/helpers allow – this is likely to take 1-2 days.
c) Village Eco-Management Sub-Committee (ECOSC) – SB had earlier circulated the ECOSC Proposal, i.e. the outcome of the village consultation and ECOSC’s consequent recommendations, to cllrs. In the interest of time expediency, the meeting agreed to summarise its response in the following reactions to its Page 8, Section 7, ‘Recommendations Seeking Approval’ summary that:
   i) Beckside ‘mosaic’ approach be adopted for 2021: Unanimously agreed
   ii) Invertebrate study undertaken by David Woollard et al. be repeated annually: Unanimously agreed
   iii) 50 juvenile brown trout be introduced into the beck: Unanimously agreed (at no cost)
   iv) Chapel Garth be developed as wildflower meadow as per Section 3 of proposal: Unanimously agreed – with the proviso that newcomer residents should be encouraged to be involved in the project
   v) ECOSC investigates cost and content of possible signage: Local providers to be approached and possible sponsorship investigated  
   vi) Grass cutting work programme be adopted as per contract:  Unanimously agreed – with the extent of the workscope governed by funding (See f) below)
   vii) Cockgarth be included in regular mowing contract: Unanimously agreed
   viii) ECOSC to annually review progress on Beckside and Chapel Garth; residents will be actively encouraged to contribute to this review: Unanimously agreed – with the proviso that ‘review’ means ‘monitor and adjust’ and not ‘change’
   ix) Membership of ECOSC going forward and frequency of meetings: It was agreed that membership of the committee should be at the discretion of its ongoing chair, SB
The meeting unanimously RESOLVED to accept ECOSC’s above recommendations with the provisos noted.
[Sally Cox left the meeting sometime after the end of discussion of this item.]
d) Barclays Bank account closure: Barclays have advised that the account is about to be closed as it has been inactive for a long period
e) Replacement Street Lights – Policy agreed, now awaiting the first streetlight failure to test its implementation
f)  Grass Cutting – Clerk will circulate his initial draft ITT for comment. He explained that, reflecting ECOSC’s recommendations, it provides for the possibility of having two contracts/contractors, i.e. A. one for strimming and B. one for mowing using a tractor-mounted flail, so that Tenderers can tender for workscope A, or B, or both.
It was unanimously agreed that the workscope for B would not include the final, end of season cut of the full width of the broad grass verges on Back Lane and Town Street
g) Pavements – Via the Parish Portal, Clerk has requested NYCC to clear overgrowing grass from the Town Street pavement, but has not yet had any response.
Reflecting the concern’s expressed in Mrs Aspey’s letter (See 5c) below) clerk was requested to extend the workscope of this request to include the affected areas of the Back Lane pavement
h) Street Lights power supply – Based on NYCC’s estimate of £961.45 for a year’s electricity supply based on the current street lights inventory, it was unanimously RESOLVED to change suppliers from SSE to NYCC’s provider. PD, as current contract holder, will work with NYCC to implement the change (PD cautioned that the current COVID lockdown situation may adversely affect progressing the change).
i)  Tree husbandry – JH awaits Gary Liversidge’s quote to attend to Conservation Area trees. Meanwhile, RDC have until 2 February to comment on our ‘Notification of Proposed Works to Trees in a Conservation Area’.
Yorkshire Housing have agreed to attend to the trees on the Cock Garth play area.
j)  Naming of Town Green Lane – Clerk has had no feedback from RDC regarding progress on amending databases
k) Installing Street Name signs – AM reported that requesting RDC or NYCC to do this is ‘work in progress’

5. Matters Arisen since Last Meeting
a) Communication with residents of Cock Garth – SW kindly agreed to print off and deliver copies of PC meetings’ minutes to elderly/infirm residents of Cock Garth
b) Road Safety for Cock Garth children – This subject is encompassed in the action proposed in the last paragraph of 4a above
c) State of Quarry Road verges and signage on passing places on Settrington High Street (aka Beacon Road) – After lengthy discussion the following actions were agreed:
– Clerk will write to NYCC Highways Area 4 asking for the signs to be replaced on the passing places on Settrington High Street
– SB (with AM) will write to Fenstones asking for a response to her query regarding their Planning Application assertion that lorry trucks do not drive through the village
– Clerk will write to NYCC Highways asking what action is proposed to be taken subsequent to the road traffic accident fatality on Settrington Top Road (aka Quarry Road)
– Further to her letter expressing concern at the volume of quarry traffic through the village, Ms Aspey will be sent copies of the latter two letters
d) Fords signage: It was agreed that Clerk should point out to NYCC Highways Area 4 that there is no ‘FORD’ warning sign on New Road.

6. Representation reports:

John Harrison Neighbourhood Watch
Alan Mitchell Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
YLCA Branch Representative
Philip Marwood YLCA Branch Representative
Sue Blagden Quarry Liaison
Ruth Russell RDC & Parish Liaison Meeting

In the interest of time expediency, and given the effect of the current ongoing COVID situation, this subject was not addressed at the meeting.

Copies of the Village Welcome Pack have been distributed to NHW coordinators

7. Planning:
a) Planning Application 20/01191/FUL – Change of use of lean-to at Kirkhill Farm: After discussion, the meeting RESOLVED that it had no ‘Observations’ to make regarding this application and to advise Ryedale District Council accordingly
b) Appeal 20/00461/HOUSE & 20/00461/LBC – Appeal successful
c) Planning Application 20/01009/HOUSE – Amendment: EO meeting to discuss this was non-quorate and thus abandoned; RDC was advised that there were no ‘Observations’
d) Works to trees in a Conservation Area 20/01171/CAT – Settrington PC’s application:
Deadline for RDC response: 2 February

8. AOB
The subject of tree planting and Jo Paveley’s proposal will be added to the agenda for the March PC Meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.05 p.m.

Date of next Meeting: Wednesday 10 March 2021