DRAFT Minutes of Remote Zoom Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 11 November 2020 at 7 p.m.

  1. Open Forum.
    No members of the public joined the Zoom session to participate in an Open Forum
  2. Apologies for Absence: Norman Lamb (NL)
    Philip Marwood (PM) [Chairman], Alan Mitchell [Vice Chairman], Pauline Durant (PD) [RFO], Sue Blagden (SB), John Harrison (JH), Ruth Russell (RR), Peter Smith (PS), Stewart Walker (SW), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk]
    Members present unanimously RESOLVED to approve the reason for NL’s absence.
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting(s):
    PC Meeting 17 September
    – EO Planning Meeting 19 October

    Regrettably, this agenda item was inadvertently passed over at the meeting. It will be added to the agenda for the next meeting.

The following agenda items were treated out of sequence at the beginning of the meeting:  

4l) How to involve vital councillors who are ‘reluctant’ to participate in remote meetings? –
Having as prompted sought YLCA’s advice, this matter has been resolved as follows:
– It is the responsibility on each occasion for the members present to approve, or not, the reason for a councillor’s absence – thus a councillor’s apology for absence should be accompanied by the reason for it (as is our practice)
– A councillor who prefers not to ‘attend’ any remote meeting may present his comments in writing regarding agenda items to Clerk before the meeting (he may not vote on resolutions in this way) 

5a) After lengthy and detailed discussion, it was RESOLVED to request a 12.5% increase in the Precept, i.e. to £4420, with a view to requesting a similar increase in the next two years.

At this point, at 8 p.m., PS and PD offered their apologies and left the meeting.

Matters Carried Over from Last Meeting
a) Community Speed Watch (CSW) & Vehicle Activated Speed matrix sign (VAS) – SW advised that training for CSW will take place during December; he will approach residents who have previously expressed an interest in volunteering and either invite them to the training session(S) or train them himself later.
There is confusion regarding the VAS pole; SW is attempting to resolve this, and then to pursue the project.

b) Cockgarth footbridge replacement – NL had earlier advised Clerk that he plans to install the bridge during the winter when conditions and the availability of staff/helpers allow – this is likely to take 1-2 days.

c) Village Eco-Management Sub-Committee (ECOSC) – SB advised the meeting that, because of the resignation from the sub-committee of two of its members, the Chapel Garth section of her previously circulated Proposal has been withdrawn. In addition, the budgetary constraint resulting from 5a) above will result in a re-appraisal of the Beckside section of the Proposal.
She therefore advised her intention to shelve the Proposal, pending soliciting residents’ views on a very slim version of the Proposal, prior to possibly re-presenting it at a later PC meeting.

d) Barclays Bank account closure: PD advised by E-mail after the meeting that she still awaits action from Barclays.

e) Replacement Street Lights – It was agreed that the LED replacement lights should be 3000K (warm white) colour temperature (as per Hambleton and Richmond).

f) Grass Cutting – See 4c) above. Tenders for a new contract will be invited in April 2021 and will need to reflect any ECOSC proposal, particularly with respect to beckside.

g) Quarry Liaison – The annual meeting was held on 5 November; SB summarised the separately distributed notes of the 5 November meeting.
Settrington Grange’s occupants’ concern at the effects of blasting was discussed.

h) Fly-tipping of grass clippings and Overhanging Hedges – Flyers were delivered around the village

i)  Pavements – AM to advised that the ‘Community Service’ scheme has been withdrawn. However, he has been advised by NYCC that the maintenance of pavements is their responsibility and that this service is accessed via the Parish Portal. AM kindly agreed to do this on behalf of Clerk.

j)  Felled tree in Conservation Area – RDC have acknowledged receipt of the reporting of this infringement

k) Sir Richard’s letter re Trees & Ivy – Sir Richard has responded to Chairman’s response; the meeting noted his comments and advice.

l)  Councillors’ absence from meetings – See above

m) Ragwort – The grazing alongside Church Lane has been cleared of this.

4. Matters Arisen since Last Meeting
a) Budget/Precept proposals – See above

b) Street Lights power supply – The meeting endorsed and sanctioned Clerk’s dialogue with NYCC regarding joining their electricity supply scheme. The potential eventual change will be the subject of a further resolution proposal, and possibly an extra-ordinary meeting. 

c) Funding: This subject was not discussed; other than in the context of the upgrading of street lights to LED, when the experience of another parish council was cited regarding the unlikelihood of securing funding for this.

d) Tree husbandry – The meeting agreed to the use of part of the budgeted funds for JH to contract Gary Liversidge to carry out an agreed, limited work programme.

e) Planting on Village Green – The meeting was advised by Clerk that tacit approval had been given for sowing yellow rattle seeds

f)  Naming of Town Green Lane – Clerk advised that he is still awaiting feedback from  RDC regarding progress on amending databases.

g) Installing Street Name signs – Clerk’s order-of-magnitude estimate for this is some £1500; whatever its benefits, the budgetary constraints mentioned above would preclude doing this. (Clerk also cautioned, from experience of previous occasions when this has been raised, that Planning and Highways may need to be involved regarding siting.)
However, AM considers that providing and installing such signs is the responsibility of RDC or NYCC; the meeting agreed to his pursuing this.

6. Representation reports:

John Harrison Neighbourhood Watch
Alan Mitchell Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
YLCA Branch Representative
Philip Marwood YLCA Branch Representative
Sue Blagden Quarry Liaison
Ruth Russell RDC & Parish Liaison Meeting

Because of time constraints, other than Quarry Liaison in 4g) above and the Neighbourhood Watch associated AOB item below, this topic was not discussed.

7. Planning:
a) Appeal 20/00461/HOUSE & 20/00461/LBC – Clerk has made (a reiteration of ‘No Objection’) representation to The Planning Inspectorate

b) Planning Application NY/2020/0147/FUL – Temporary office building at Settrington school: After lengthy discussion, the meeting RESOLVED (on a consensus basis, 4 For /1 Against), that it had ‘No Objection’ to this Application, and to advise NYCC accordingly.

At this point, as the sponsor of the next Application, SW, withdrew from the meeting.

c) Planning Application 20/01009/HOUSE – Extension to dwelling 19 Cockgarth Settrington: After discussion, the meeting RESOLVED (on a consensus basis, 3 For /1 Abstention) that it had ‘No Objection’ to this Application, and to advise RDC Planning accordingly.

8. AOB
JH advised that many ‘newcomers’ prefer hard copy rather than reference to the village website, and that he is running low on his stock of Village Welcome/Information Packs.
AM kindly agreed to print a further 20 packs.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.

Date of next Meeting: Wednesday 6 January 2021