DRAFT Minutes of Remote Zoom Meeting held on Thursday 17 September 2020 at 7 p.m.

  1. Open Forum.
    No members of the public participated.
  2. Apologies for Absence: Pauline Durant (PD) [RFO], Norman Lamb (NL), Peter Smith (PS)
    Philip Marwood (PM) [Chairman], Alan Mitchell [Vice Chairman], Sue Blagden (SB), John Harrison (JH), Ruth Russell (RR), Stewart Walker (SW), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk]
    Public: Despite having been invited, no members of the public participated.
    Members participating unanimously RESOLVED that the Council approved the reason for absence from the meeting of PD, NL and PS.
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting(s)
    Members who had attended the meetings unanimously RESOLVED to accept as read the minutes of the following:
    – 8 May 2019 Annual Meeting
    – 16 July EO Planning meeting
    – 12 September EO Planning meeting
  4. Matters Carried Over from Last Meeting
    a) Community Speed Watch (CSW) – SW advised that, despite his approaches, there has been no response from the various bodies involved in CSW.
    SW agreed to include the Vehicle Activated Speed matrix sign project in his ‘speed watch’ remit; he will contact Cllr. Keane Duncan for details of the joint projects’ coordinator and its status. (The PC has been granted £600, inter alia to pay for the necessary pole on which to mount the sign; we have until March 2021 to spend it.)
    b) Cockgarth footbridge replacement – It is understood that NL has plans in hand for its installation. c) Village Eco-Management Sub-Committee (ECOSC) – SB briefed the meeting on ECOSC’s progress.  
    Clerk was asked to draft a letter for Chairman to send to Mr Summers requesting him, in conformity with the recent Birdsall Estates’ letter, to cease mowing Chapel Garth.
    d) Barclays Bank account: PD is awaiting a response from Barclays regarding account closure.
    e) Replacement Street Lights – (Maintenance contractor Acorn advise that the sodium bulbs we use are now hard to come by and are of poor quality. Acorn have a standard price of £192 plus VAT (£230) for replacement LED sets to NYCC standard, with a five-year warranty. We have 16 street lights and need to decide when to commence replacement, and whether to replace them all at once (£3680), or piecemeal as they fail.)
    The meeting agreed in principle to adopt the ‘piecemeal’ strategy. Clerk will firm up details of the replacement LED sets, e.g. the colour temperature, for approval at the next meeting.
  5. Matters Arisen since Last Meeting
    a) Grass Cutting – As an introduction to the next meeting’s budget discussions, SB advised that preliminary ECOSC discussions suggest that grass cutting is underfunded.
    SW raised the issue of mowing of the Cockgarth play area: It was agreed that this matter would be added to ECOSC’s remit.
    b) Quarry Liaison – SB volunteered to join BS in attending the annual quarry liaison meeting; BS advised that he is arranging a Zoom meeting with Fenstone’s agent and NYCC for October, inter alia to review Fenstone’s extension plans.
    c) & d) Fly-tipping of grass clippings and Overhanging Hedges – It was agreed that Clerk would draft a letter to be delivered to all residents, reminding them of the issues involved and of their responsibilities.
    e) Pavements – AM agreed to request NL to approach his contacts to request further assistance from the ‘Community Service’ scheme.
    f)  Felled tree in Conservation Area – Clerk was asked to advise RDC of this infringement.
    g) Sir Richard’s letter re Trees & Ivy – Clerk was asked to draft a reply based on JH’s briefing note.
    SB advised that ECOSC had received a suggestion that the village should undertake a tree planting programme. The meeting agreed that ECOCS should accept the offer of a map of prospective planting sites, and give the suggestion due consideration.
  6. Representation reports:
John Harrison Neighbourhood Watch
Alan Mitchell Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
YLCA Branch Representative
Philip Marwood YLCA Branch Representative
Sue Blagden Quarry Liaison
Ruth Russell RDC & Parish Liaison Meeting
  • Planning:
    Listed Building Consent Application 20/00567/LBC re Plum Tree Cottage: Approved
  • AOB
    a) The Chairman expressed to SB the PC’s appreciation for the use of her Zoom account, which allows meetings to exceed 40 minutes duration (but it was generally agreed that meetings should target a 1½ hour time limit).
    b) A consensus view was expressed that, having become familiar with it, the Zoom meeting format was working well, and that, given the apparent worsening Coronavirus situation, it was unlikely that face-to-face meetings would resume soon. It was thus felt that measures need to be taken to somehow involve the vital councillors who are ‘reluctant’ to participate in remote meetings.   

Date of next Meeting: Wednesday 11 November 2020

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.