DRAFT Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 14 July 2021 at 7pm in the village hall.

COVID-19 Restrictions applied to this face-to-face meeting

  1. Open Forum: No members of the public attended
  2. Apologies for Absence: Pauline Durant (PD) [RFO], Sue Blagden (SB)
    Philip Marwood (PM) [Chairman], John Harrison (JH), Norman Lamb (NL), Alan Mitchell (AM), Ruth Russell (RR), Peter Smith (PS), Stewart Walker (SW), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk]
    Members of the Public:

    Members participating unanimously RESOLVED that the Council approved PD and SB’s reasons for absence from the meeting.
  3. Minutes of Previous Meetings:
    Members who had attended the meeting unanimously RESOLVED to accept ‘as read’ the minutes of the 9 June 2021 EO Planning Applications meeting.
  4. Matters to be Discussed:
    a) Finance:
        Because the RFO was not present, this Item was carried-over to the next
    b) Road Safety:
        i)   Community Speed Watch (CSW)
             –SW reported that neither the intended ‘one more’ speed watch session,
             nor the training session took place because of a shortage of attendance.
             The Team currently has 6 members – more would be welcome.
             – SW will prepare a costed proposal for ‘Community Speed Watch In
             Operation’ signs for the 3 village entries
        ii)  Traffic Calming – SW reported that, despite assistance having been
             requested, Highways Area 4 declined to offer any suggestions or
             involvement on traffic calming measures        
        iii) HGV traffic joint initiative: Settrington will monitor traffic flow through the
             village on three days during July, August and September; Scagglethorpe
             will follow suit in October, November and December
    c) Village Estate Management:     i)   ECOSC:
             – The meeting suggested that, as the roads concerned are outwith
             the PC’s jurisdiction, individuals concerned at the mowing of rare orchids
             growing on verges should make representation to Highways themselves
             – Members endorsed the proposal that school children should be asked to
             design temporary signs for the Chapel Garth and Beckside wildflower areas
             – It was unanimously agreed that the situation at Chapel Garth should be
             monitored through the season and reviewed at the November meeting –
             with the tacit understanding that handing the area back to Birdsall Estate
             would be an option in the event that any issues of dissent could not be
             – It was agreed that, in order to maintain flow, action to restore alignment of
               the beck channel at the upstream approach to the brick bridge has
               become an urgent necessity.
               Arrangements to undertake this considerable task will be coordinated by
               NL and PS
             – As he is not certificated to use a knapsack sprayer, JH regretted
               that he is not able to spray the reed growth in the beck       
        ii)  Commemorative tree: It was agreed to postpone a decision on this issue
             until the next meeting
        iii) Grass cutting: PS reviewed the performance to date and predicted that
             hopefully there should be just enough funds for a further three cuts for the
             season, provided that residents do whatever they can to assist in the
             agreed to-be-mown areas and that the final cut of the main grass verges is
             kindly done by NL

    d) Roads, Pavements, Etc.:
        i)  Cockgarth footbridgeNL agreed to target the date of the November
            meeting, the 10th, for completion of the installation of the replacement
            footbridge. He stressed his reliance on, and appreciation of, the help
            promised by many members present
        ii) Street Name signs – AM will produce a detailed brief of the proposal to
            install street name signs for review at the next meeting
    e) Miscellaneous:
        i) Collapsed Beckside garden walls: Birdsall Estate’s Clerk of Works advises that the rebuilding work in now sceduled to begin W/C 19 July.
    ii) NEW: The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons – Clerk reminded members
             of the previously circulated announcement of this 2 June 2022 event.
             It was commented that at that time of the year lighting the beacon could be
             a fire hazard and that a decision should be taken near the time
        iii) NEW: Standing Orders and Code of Conduct – It was unanimously
             RESOLVED to accept Clerk’s annotations to the adopted NALC Standing
             Orders and to replace the Code of Conduct (adopted in 2015) with the
             LGA 2020 version, both of which had been circulated to members prior to
             the meeting.
  5. Representation reports:
John HarrisonNeighbourhood Watch
Alan MitchellMalton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
YLCA Branch Representative
Philip MarwoodYLCA Branch Representative
Sue BlagdenQuarry Liaison
Ruth RussellRDC & Parish Liaison Meeting

Nothing to report (other than some amendments to NHW and Litter Picking responsibilities)

6. Planning:
i) Planning Application 21/00898/LBC – The replacement of 2no. first floor windows to south elevation of 35 Beckside: After discussion, the meeting RESOLVED to ‘Observe’ to RDC that it noted that the double-glazing proposed features simulated individual panes.
ii) Listed Building Consent Application 21/00434/LBC – Internal and external alterations to existing domestic garage at Brook Farm, Back Lane: Approved

7. AOB: None

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.37 p.m.

Date of next meeting: 8 September 2021