DRAFT Minutes of Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 8 September 2021 at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall

Responsible COVID Restrictions applied at the meeting, attendees were requested to maintain social distancing and wear a mask until seated.

Open Forum: No members of the public attended

Apologies for Absence: John Harrison (JH), Stewart Walker (SW), Alan Mitchell (AM), Ruth Russell (RR)
Philip Marwood (PM) [Chairman], Pauline Durant (PD) [RFO], Sue Blagden (SB), Norman Lamb (NL), Peter Smith (PS), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk]
Members of the Public:

Members participating unanimously RESOLVED that the Council approved JH, AM, RR and SW’s reasons for absence from the meeting.

Minutes of Previous Meetings:
Members who had attended the meeting unanimously RESOLVED to accept ‘as read’ the minutes of the 14 July 2021 Ordinary Meeting

Matters to be Discussed:
a) Finance:
    i)   Barclays Bank account – Bank will close the unused account in due course        
    ii)  Precept/Budget – See attached Budget statement
    iii) Expenditure versus Budget – Nothing unexpected to report

b) Road Safety:
    i)   Community Speed Watch (CSW) – In SW’s absence:
         – SB and PD offered to assist SW in finding volunteers to staff the CSW
        –  It was agreed to revisit the previous decision not to join the Vehicle
            Activated Speed signs scheme
    ii)   HGV traffic joint initiative: SW to report status at the next meeting
          PM will contact SW regarding the timing and staffing of the next traffic
          It was agreed that Clerk should invite RDC Chairman, Keane Duncan, to
          the next meeting to brief the meeting on the Councils traffic plans as they
          affect Settrington/Scagglethorpe and to hear the parish councils’ concerns
          first hand

c) Village Estate Management:

    i)   ECOSC:
         –  SB (ex Sub-Committee Chairman) reviewed the situation as follows:
            – Nicola Wise is involved in a study of invasive signal crayfish, which will
              involve measuring beck water quality
            – Jo Paveley is investigating how to clean the beck – on which issue SB
              referred all parties to consult the excellent EA ‘how to do it’ manual
              ‘Aquatic and Riparian Plant Management’
           –  The beckside mosaic mowing plan is coming to the end of its growing
               season. After discussion it was agreed that the 2020 village-wide
               survey should be repeated on its anniversary, i.e. in November, but
               (largely because the situation at Chapel Garth has been accepted)
               focussed only on beckside. To that end, SB will draft the survey
               questionnaire to be discussed and agreed at the next PC meeting
         –  SB suggested that the ECOSC had ‘run its course’ and that its remaining
             issues and ongoing ‘business’ could now revert to the PC. This
             suggestion prompted lengthy discussion.
         –  PS reported that he is awaiting confirmation from the NYCC Transport
            Development Engineer who recently visited the site (who works with the
            recommendations of the EA manual mentioned above) that the
            encroaching upstream and downstream banks in the vicinity of
            the brick bridge can be removed.
            It was agreed that on receipt of such agreement, the work should go
         –  2021 Beck survey – The latest survey results indicate that the situation is
            slightly worse than last year – probably a consequence of low flow, and so
            no cause for concern. It was agreed that the survey should be repeated
            next year; PM will consider the request to fish survey the upper reaches
            of the beck on his farm.
    ii)   Commemorative tree: This matter is now in the hands of the VCC
    iii)  Grass cutting: PS reported that, with considerable assistance of residents,
          he is hopeful that the final grass cuts of the year can be accomplished
          within budget. However, he stressed that the contractor is finding that
          strimming the over grown areas is too demanding

d) Roads, Pavements, Etc.:
    i)  Cockgarth footbridgeIt has been installed – the meeting expressed its
        thanks to NL and his helpers
    ii) Street Name signs – AM’s street name signs proposal will be discussed
        when he is present at the next meeting
e) Miscellaneous:
    i) Collapsed Beckside garden walls: Restoration has been completed

ii)  Beverley Road 30 mph speed limit extension: Clerk will reply to Mr
         Bushell that, whilst the parish council is in principle supportive of his
         concerns, it is suggested that the request would best be made when the
         matter comes under discussion in the context of the planned new housing
    iii)  Village Website: Because of time constraints, discussion of its ‘ownership’,
          management and post Ryedale Connect future was postponed until the
          next meeting
    iv)  RDC Jubilee Tree offer: It was unanimously agreed to accept the offer –
          and to ask for a cherry tree

5. Representation reports:

John HarrisonNeighbourhood Watch
Alan MitchellMalton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
YLCA Branch Representative
Philip MarwoodYLCA Branch Representative
Sue BlagdenQuarry Liaison
Ruth RussellRDC & Parish Liaison Meeting

 – It was agreed that SB should request the quarry operator, Fenstone, to clarify
   from its records how many outgoing and return trips are made on each of its
   prescribed access routes by its own and others’ trucks each month   

At this point SB left the meeting declaring a pecuniary interest in Item 6 below

6. Planning:
i) Planning Application 21/00976/FUL:
Change of use, conversion and alterations of existing agricultural buildings including removal of existing foldyard roof and erection of single storey extension to buildings to form 1no. five bedroom dwelling including two of the bedrooms in a building detached from the main house, erection of a detached 3-bay garage and associated parking and landscaping including an external swimming pool at Rectory Farm, Back Lane, Settrington.
After discussion, the meeting RESOLVED to advise RDC that it has no observations to make regarding this Application.

7. AOB:
Chairman will request RR to reply on the parish council’s behalf to the NALC consultation regarding ‘Local Nature Recovery Strategies’

As there was no further business the meeting closed at approx. 9.10 p.m.