DRAFT Minutes of Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 10 November 2021 at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall

Responsible COVID Restrictions applied at the meeting, attendees were requested to maintain social distancing and wear a mask until seated.

1. Open Forum: No members of the public attended for this purpose

2. Apologies for Absence: Pauline Durant (PD) [RFO]
Participating: Cllr.Philip Marwood (PM) [Chairman], Cllr.Sue Blagden (SB), Cllr.Simon Flounders (SF), Cllr.John Harrison (JH), Cllr.N Lamb (NL), Cllr.Alan Mitchell (AM), Cllr.Ruth Russell (RR), Cllr.Peter Smith (PS), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk]
Members of the Public: Dean Wise, Susan Graham (Ward Councillor), Scagglethorpe councillors: Paul Douthwaite, Sheila Cook, Janet Bates

3. Invited RDC Leader, Keane Duncan, briefed the meeting on the Council’s traffic management progress since his last visit in November 2018 as it affects Settrington/Scagglethorpe. He conceded that the resolution of issues within the Malton/Norton twin towns has, for instance, resulted in the adverse effect of HGV traffic having been pushed out to the surrounding towns and villages.
After responding to various questions, Keane agreed to take forward via the appropriate bodies the following concerns:
–  The prioritisation of the Link road phase of the Beverley road housing
    development project
–  The debottlenecking of the ‘Bacon Factory’ section of the Link road
–  The upgrading of the roundabout at the Brambling Fields interchange
–  The imposition of HGV restrictions in other areas once the Link road is
–  The adherence of the quarry operator to his approved haulage routes protocol
–  Maintenance work on Scagglethorpe pavements

PM expressed the PC’s thanks for his attendance and Councillor Duncan left at 7.50 p.m.

The PC Meeting then commenced forthwith:

The Chairman, in his absence, on behalf of the Parish Council reiterated his thanks to Stewart Walker for his contribution to the parish council during his period of office.
He then welcomed SF to his first parish council meeting as councillor.

In referring to Pauline Durant’s recent resignation from her position as parish councillor, in her absence, the Chairman expressed his thanks on behalf of the Parish Council for her contribution to the parish council during her period of office.

The Clerk has given Notice to RDC of the casual vacancy resulting from PD’s resignation.
This Notice is displayed on the village notice board with a Closing Date of 1 December for applications for co-option.
The formal Notice has also been posted on the village website.

4. Minutes of Previous Meetings:
– Members who had attended the meeting unanimously RESOLVED to accept ‘as read’ the minutes of the 29 September EO Planning Meeting
– Members who had attended the meeting unanimously RESOLVED to accept ‘as read’ the minutes of the 27 October EO Co-option Meeting

5. Matters Discussed:

Because of the anticipated time constraint, the following agenda items were discussed out of sequence on a ‘decision needed’ prioritisation basis as the meeting progressed

a) Finance:
    i)      Precept: Discussion failed to come to an agreement on a proposed
            percentage increase of the precept. It was thus agreed to postpone
            further discussion to an EO meeting in December with the RFO in
            After discussion it was unanimously Resolved to accept PD’s offer of
            continuing as RFO in an honorary capacity, with the proviso that the
            efficacy of this arrangement would need to be monitored/reviewed.
    ii)     Expenditure versus Budget: Clerk reported on behalf of PD that
            expenditure is proceeding as planned

b) Road Safety:
    i)     Community Speed Watch (CSW): Source/appoint a replacement Team
           Leader – this matter was carried forward to the next meeting
    ii)    Vehicle Activated Speed signs scheme: Discuss revisiting the previous
           decision not to join – this matter was carried forward to the next meeting
    iii)   HGV traffic joint initiative: SB to report status of survey(s), etc. and Fenstone’s response to ‘routes used’ query – this matter was carried forward to the next meeting.
           – see the Councillor Duncan item above
           – it is planned to hold a remote Quarry Liaison meeting in December
    iv)   ‘Twenty is Plenty’: It was Resolved that the PC should sign-up to
           endorse this sentiment.
           SB will attend the Zoom meeting on this subject on 11 November on the
           PC’s behalf
    v)    Complementary signage: PS proposed that
           – In order to improve adherence to speed limits, they should be marked on
             the road surface at the entrance to and during a limit zone          
           – The apparently ineffective ‘Access Only’ signs should be reinforced with
              a ‘No Through Road’ sign being added above each sign

           It was Resolved that Clerk should request NYCC Highways Dept. to
           consider implementation of these suggested improvements          
           Proposed: PS      Seconded: PM          Votes: Unanimous

c) Village Estate Management:    

i)     ECOSC: (SB distributed a briefing handout to members, a copy of which
           is available on request from the Clerk.)

           After extensive discussion, no agreement was reached concerning the
           future of the ECO sub-committee
    ii)    Community Survey re Beckside management: It was Resolved that the
           survey should be carried out in its binary options form as drafted
           Proposed: PS      Seconded: SF          Votes: Unanimous
           Neighbours’ Survey re Chapel Garth: It was Resolved that the
           survey should be carried out in its as drafted form

Proposed: PS Seconded: SF Votes: Unanimous
           iii)   Removing beck bank encroachment at brick bridge: After discussion it was
           Resolved that the parish council should commission an ecological survey
           of the beck as a necessary precursor to undertaking the work.
           Proposed: RR     Seconded: AM          Votes: Unanimous
           SB kindly offered, if necessary, to meet to the cost of the survey, and
           asked if any other councillors would like to contribute too; as no other
           contributors were forthcoming, it was unanimously Resolved to accept
           SB’s offer.
    iii)   Grass cutting: PS reported that the intended grass cutting programme has
           been completed within budget, and that he intends to spend the remaining
           funds in final tidy-up, e.g. of the stubble remaining on areas of beckside          
    iv)    Mole catching on the beckside: It was unanimously agreed that
            responsible, traditional means of managing nuisance mole infestations on
            the beckside could continue
d) Roads, Pavements, Etc.:
    i)     Street Name signs: It was unanimously agreed that AM should develop a
           detailed costed, et al proposal
    ii)    Overhanging hedges/Road damage: The foliage of 49 Back Lane which
           was overhanging the road near the phone box has been trimmed back to
           the fence line; arrangements are in-hand to remedy the kerbside road
e) Miscellaneous:

i)     Village Website: Discussion of its ‘ownership’, management and post
           Ryedale Connect future– this matter was carried forward to the next
    ii)    Platinum Jubilee Celebrations: Further ideas? – this matter was carried
           forward to the next meeting
    iii)   Street lights bi-annual maintenance: It was Resolved that the bi-annual
           maintenance of the remaining sodium streetlights should NOT take place,
           and that, as already Resolved, the sodium lights should be replaced by
           LED as and when they fail
           Proposed: RR     Seconded: SB          Votes: Unanimous
    iv)   Abutment of concrete pedestrian bridge: AM will investigate the report of
           possible structural compromise
    v)    Co-option Policy: It was unanimous Resolved to formally adopt the proposed Policy as drafted.

 vi)   EV Charging Point: It was unanimously Resolved that the PC should express an interest in this RDC potential offer
    vii)  CODE of CONDUCT: It was unanimous Resolved to formally adopt the LGA Model Code 2020

6. Representation reports:

John HarrisonNeighbourhood Watch
Alan MitchellMalton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
YLCA Branch Representative
Philip MarwoodYLCA Branch Representative
Sue BlagdenQuarry Liaison
Ruth RussellRDC & Parish Liaison Meeting

No reports

7. Planning:
i) Planning Application 21/01433/HOUSE:
Erection of a single storey rear extension together with erection of building to form garden room/office to rear garden at 3 Town Street Settrington Malton YO17 8NR
ii) NEW – Planning Application 21/01434/LBC:
Erection of single storey rear extension with associated internal alterations and erection of timber garden room/office to rear garden at 3 Town Street Settrington
Malton YO17 8NR

After discussion, the meeting RESOLVED unanimously that it had no ‘Observations’ to make regarding these Applications and to advise RDC accordingly:

8. AOB:
SF kindly agreed to investigate and repair as necessary the PC notice board’s pin board

The meeting closed at 9.40 p.m.