DRAFT Minutes of Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 11 May 2022 after the 7 p.m.

  1. Open Forum: No members of the public attended for this purpose
  2. Apologies for Absence:
    Cllr. Nick Bell (NB) [Chairman], Cllr. Sue Blagden (SB) [Vice Chairman], Cllr. Simon Flounders (SF), Cllr. John Harrison (JH), Cllr. N Lamb (NL), Cllr. Philip Marwood (PM), Cllr. Ruth Russell (RR), Cllr. Peter Smith (PS), Cllr. Dean Wise (DW), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk]
    Members of the Public: Sue Harrison
  3. Minutes of Previous Meetings:
    Those who were present at that meeting Unanimously Resolved to ‘take as read’ the Minutes of the EO Budget Meeting on 13 April 2022
  4. Matters to be Discussed:
    a) Trees:

        i)      Regrettably Jo Paveley was unable to attend the meeting to present her proposed planting plan
        ii)     World Book Day tree: The meeting agreed that this tree should be planted on Chapel Garth at a location indicated by RR .         Proposed: SB     Seconded: PM
        iii)    NB will arrange a village (incl. Cock Garth) walk-about to review potential sites for tree planting
                It was proposed that sites should be sought for up to 7 trees, to be planted ‘during the year of the Queen’s jubilee’
                Proposed: DW    Seconded: RR          Votes: Unanimous

    b) Finance:
        i)     Carry-over of cost-cutting discussions from 13 April meeting:
               – Streetlights: Discussion reasoned that the massive increase in the cost of electricity meant that we should replace the remaining 13 (70 watt) sodium lights with (15 watt) LED units at the earliest opportunity, and that the    latter’s greatly reduced consumption made discussion of deleting or part-timing individual lights superfluous. It was thus proposed that this project should be pursued forthwith by NB, utilising funds from reserves in parallel with seeking grant funding
    Proposed: PM    Seconded: PS          Votes Unanimous Clerk will refresh members’ memories regarding earlier lengthy discussions of colour temperature.
                – Venues other than the village hall for PC Meetings:
                 It was Unanimously agreed that, after further consideration and helpful comments from other parties, this potential cost-cutting suggestion should be abandoned
               – Reducing the PC’s contribution towards the cost of cemetery upkeep:
                 After discussion, it was Unanimously agreed that the parish council’s contribution should continue unchanged
                 Meanwhile, NB will re-open discussions with his Scagglethorpe PC counterpart regarding their making a similar contribution
               – ‘Just Giving’ scheme for financial contributions towards operating costs:
                 The scheme is now operational and has received its first contributions.
                 The scheme is accessed via Link:  

    b) Road Safety:
        i)     Vehicle Activated Speed signs scheme: Subject to clarification of the funding situation, SF was given the green light to progress this project (with the sign being located on the existing pole near Orchard House on Back Lane when it’s our turn)
        ii)    HGV traffic joint initiative: SB reasoned that, to be effective, campaigning to influence this matter will need to present a viable alternative, e.g. the ring road of the 462 dwelling Beverley Road housing development. NB agreed to raise this issue with the recently elected NYCC Councillor.
        iv)   Speeding: ‘Speed Concerns’ have provided the following speed data from their March 2022, 7 day/24 hr speed monitoring surveys of through-traffic. Clerk will request clarification of the data. It was suggested that, in due course, greater interest from residents may trigger reconsideration of our earlier decision to leave the Community Speed Watch scheme
  Speed mph
LocationSpeed Limit mphMean (Average)85th Percentile
Forkers Lane3027/2732/31
Chapel Road2020/1924/23
Back Lane3028/2733/31

c) Village Estate Management:      i)    Grass cutting: It was clarified and agreed that comments regarding the first cut
           (and subsequent cuts) should be channelled via the PC’s nominated representative, PS, and that such feedback from residents should be encouraged
     ii)   Chapel Garth: Following from the decision made at the last PC meeting, i.e. that ‘in the event of any renewed discontent regarding the ‘wildflower meadow’ operation of Chapel Garth, Birdsall Estate will be requested to reassign the
           tenancy from the PC to John Harrison’
, as there is renewed discontent, it was Resolved that Birdsall Estate will be requested to reassign the tenancy accordingly
           Proposed: PM      Seconded: SB          Votes: Unanimous

5.     Roads, Pavements, Etc.:   
      i)    NB agreed to raise the issue of the deplorable condition of the Beckside road
            with the recently elected NYCC Councillor
e) Miscellaneous:
i)     Village Website: NB is pursuing the option of using an alternative platform for a
           parish council website
    ii)    Platinum Jubilee Celebrations: RR explained the latest plans; she will publish
           these imminently
    iii)   Cutting extra grips on ‘Ford Lane’: RR hopes that she has cured the standing
           water problem by opening channels through the road centre silt deposition
    iv)   Platinum Jubilee bench proposal: NL’s offer to add a bench/picnic table in the
           vicinity of the much used bench at the north end of beckside was gratefully
    v)    EV Charging Point Expression of Interest: It was agreed that the PC should not
           renew its expression of interest

6. Representation reports:

John HarrisonNeighbourhood Watch
Nick BellMalton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
YLCA Branch Representative
Dean WiseYLCA Branch Representative
Sue BlagdenQuarry Liaison
Ruth RussellRDC & Parish Liaison Meeting

7. Planning:
a) 22/00454/LBC: Internal alterations to relocate shower room on ground-floor, to include the blocking up of a window to the side elevation at Bellwood Cottage, 4 Town Street Settrington. The meeting RESOLVED unanimously that it had no ‘Observations’ to make regarding this Application and to advise RDC accordingly.
b) 22/00468/HOUSE: Erection of single storey extension to the south and east elevations, erection of porch to the north elevation and rendering of existing brickwork at Beck Cottage Forkers Lane Settrington
The meeting RESOLVED unanimously that it had no ‘Observations’ to make regarding this Application and to advise RDC accordingly:

8. AOB:
The meeting agreed that Clerk should desist from using bcc when circulating material to PC members
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.05 p.m.