DRAFT Minutes of Extra-Ordinary Meeting
 held on 16 December 2021 at 6.30 p.m.

Responsible COVID Restrictions applied at the meeting, with open doors, masks worn until seated and social distancing maintained

  1. Apologies for Absence: Cllr. Sue Blagden (SB)
    Participating: Cllr.Philip Marwood (PM) [Chairman], Cllr.Simon Flounders (SF), Cllr.John Harrison (JH), Cllr.N Lamb (NL), Cllr.Ruth Russell (RR), Cllr.Peter Smith (PS), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk], Pauline Durant (PD) [RFO]
    Members of the Public: Dean Wise, Jo Paveley

    Members participating unanimously RESOLVED that the Council approved SB’s reason (family responsibility) for her absence from the meeting.

    The Chairman took the opportunity to refer to Cllr. Alan Mitchell’s recent resignation and, in Alan’s absence, on members’ behalf to express their appreciation for his years of service on the parish council.
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting: Members who had attended the meeting unanimously RESOLVED to accept ‘as read’ the minutes of the 10 November 2021 Ordinary Meeting
  3. Purpose of Meeting

    i) To agree the next budget and to discuss and agree the 2022 Precept proposal (N.B. the latter topic was discussed at the 10 November Ordinary Meeting, but no resolution was passed and the subject was carried forward to this meeting.

    ii)  To receive written applications for the office of parish councillor and to co-opt a candidate to fill the vacancy resulting from the resignation of Councillor Pauline Durant.
    If all candidates are present at the meeting, they each will be invited to give a brief presentation as to their suitability as a parish councillor; if they are not all present then the council will consider their written application submissions.

    iii) To consider:
        a) Planning Application 21/01509/HOUSE: Alterations to dwelling to include the restoration of outbuilding, increase in height to outbuilding and installation of replacement windows and doors at 36 Beckside, Settrington and
        b) Listed Building Consent Application 21/01510/LBC: Internal and external alterations to include the restoration of outbuilding, repointing works, increase in height to outbuilding, installation of replacement windows and doors, installation of 2no. rooflights to rear elevation, alterations to fenestration and installation of replacement fireplace at 36 Beckside, Settrington.
  4. Outcome of the Meeting

    i)  Precept:
    PD (RFO) presented her rationale for recommending a 12.5% increase in the 2022/23 Precept, as the first step to a 25% increase, i.e. essentially to mitigate the effect of the absence of the previous NYCC funding of amenity grass cutting. (PD then left the meeting.)
    After lengthy discussion it was Resolved to accept PD’s recommendation to request a 12.5% increase in the Precept.
    Proposed: PS     Seconded: NL          Votes: For: 5  Against: 1

    The following arose from the discussion noted above:

    a) Clerk was requested to ascertain the basis for the NYCC payment of £235 per annum to maintain road safety sight lines at village road junctions.
    b) It was unanimously Resolved to advise NYCC that Settrington Parish Council no longer wishes to carry out this grass cutting.
    ii)  Co-option:
    As candidate Nick Bell was unable to attend the meeting as he was self-isolating with a COVIF infection, members relied on the candidates’ Personal Statements as a basis for assessment.
    After discussion and deliberation, the voting was as follows:
    For Dean Wise: 2          For Nick Bell: 3         Abstention: 1

    Nick Bell was thus elected to the position of parish councillor.

    iii) Planning Application 21/01509/HOUSE and 21/01510/LBC
    After discussion it was unanimously Resolved to advise RDC of the following Observations:

    Regarding the front wall of the ‘barn’:
    – There is concern that the structural integrity of the front wall would be significantly compromised by the introduction of a further two, large apertures.
    – It is felt that having two French windows would excessively modify the public-facing aspect of this traditional vernacular property; and that a single French would suffice.
    – The wooden French window should feature Georgian panes.


Members present agreed to re-date the January Ordinary Meeting by delaying it by a week. Clerk will canvass councillors’ preferences for 11th, 12th or 13th.
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.30 p.m.

p.s. After the meeting it was realised that items 4.i) a) & b) are mutually inconsistent. The Chairman thus agreed that action on 4.i) b) should be postponed until the results of 4.i) a) could be discussed at the next Meeting in mid January.