DRAFT Minutes of Annual Meeting held on Wednesday 11 May 2022 at 7 p.m.

Parish Meeting
This had been convened by the Chairman, PM, for 6.15 p.m. and advertised on the village notice board and website.
Regrettably, no-one had accepted the invitation to suggest items for the agenda, and no residents or other members of the public attended.

Annual Meeting

  1. Appointment of Officers and Clerk:
    – Election of Chairman
    Nominee: NB
    Proposed: PS       Seconded: SF
    As there were no other nominations, NB was elected as Chairman       
    – Election of Vice Chairman
    Nominee: SB
    Proposed: RR       Seconded: JH
    Nominee: RR
    Proposed: SB       Seconded: SF
    Votes: SB – 5; RR – 1
    SB was thus elected as Vice Chairman
    – Reappointment of BS as Clerk
    Proposed: RR       Seconded: SB        Votes: Unanimous
    – PD submitted her resignation from the position of Treasurer/RFO
    As there were no volunteers from the floor to assume this roll and no proposed 3rd party nominees, NB undertook to investigate options and, in due course, to convene an EO meeting to consider his proposed solution
    – Re-election of JH as NHW Coordinator and Litter Collection Coordinator
    This Proposal was made and endorsed Unanimously      
  2. Chairman and Vice Chairman signed Declarations of Acceptance of Office
    [All Cllrs. had already
    – on arrival, signed Acceptances of Office, witnessed by Clerk
    – prior to the meeting, been reminded of their obligations to submit their
      Election Expenses and Declaration of Interests forms to Elections at
  3. Apologies for Absence: N/A
    Present: Cllr. Nick Bell (NB) [Chairman}, Cllr. Sue Blagden (SB) [Vice Chairman], Cllr. Simon Flounders (SF), Cllr. John Harrison (JH), Cllr. N Lamb (NL), Cllr. Philip Marwood (PM), Cllr. Ruth Russell (RR), Cllr. Peter Smith (PS), Cllr. Dean Wise (DW), Pauline Durant (PD), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk]
    Members of the Public: Sue Harrison

    – On behalf of the Parish Council NB expressed thanks to PM for his years of service as Chairman

    – On behalf of the Parish Council, JH expressed thanks to PD for her many years of service to the parish council and for her offer to render advice, guidance and assistance to her successor
  4. Minutes of the last meeting: Those who were present at that meeting Unanimously Resolved to ‘take as read’ the Minutes of the 5 May 2021 Remote Zoom Annual Meeting
  5. Matters Carried-over/Arising
    a) Appointment of PC’s representatives at YLCA Branch Meetings:
        Cllrs. NB & DW agreed to be appointed as the PC’s Representatives at
        YLCA Branch Meetings; these appointments were Unanimously
        approved by those present. Clerk will advise YLCA accordingly.
  6. Financial Matters
    a)   The accounts for year-ending 31st March 2019 were presented and
          explained by PD.
          Their adoption was Approved.
          Proposed: JH            Seconded: NB          Votes: Unanimous   

c)   The Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) for the financial year ending 31 March 2022 was Approved
Proposed: NB           Seconded: SB          Votes: Unanimous
The forms were duly signed as appropriate by Chairman and Clerk.
The Notice of the public’s right to view the accounts will be posted on the notice board in due course by Clerk

Any Other Business:

The meeting closed at 7.33 p.m. and was followed by the Ordinary, bi-monthly Meeting.

Signed: …………………………  Date: ……………………