Draft Minutes ~ EO Meeting 3 April 2019

  1. Apologies for Absence: Peter Smith (PS) [Chairman], John Harrison (JH), Margaret Tierney (MT), Colin Wigglesworth (CW)
    Present: Philip Marwood (PM) [Vice Chairman], Pauline Durant (PD) [Treasurer/RFO], Alan Mitchell (AM), Jane Ramsden (JR), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk]
    Absent: Norman Lamb (NL)
    Members of the Public: None attended. Cllrs present accepted the reasons for PS, JH, MT and CW’s absences

  2. Purpose of Meeting

    To discuss and make any observations regarding
    Planning Application 19/00323/HOUSE viz:

    Erection of single storey garden room extension following demolition of existing conservatory at 3D Town Street, Settrington, Malton YO17 8NR

    Councillors were requested to familiarise themselves with the Application before the meeting via: https:#planningregister.ryedale.co.uk/caonline-applications/

  3. Outcome

    The meeting unanimously Resolved to make the following Observation regarding the subject of the Planning Application.

    ‘Settrington Parish Council supports the garden room Planning Application.
    It is a significant improvement on the existing conservatory.’

There being no further business, the chairman closed the meeting at 6.15 p.m