Minutes ~ 14 November 2018

Minutes of Meeting held at Settrington Village Hall

on Wednesday 14 November 2018 at 7 p.m.

  1. Present: Peter Smith (PS) [Chairman], Philip Marwood (PM) [Vice Chairman], Pauline Durant (PD) [Treasurer/RFO], John Harrison (JH), Alan Mitchell (AM), Jane Ramsden (JR), Margaret Tierney (MT), Bruce Skinner (BS) [Clerk]
    Members of the Public: Mrs Ruth Russell

    Cllrs present accepted the reasons for NL’s and CW’s absences.

  2. Minutes of the last meeting: 12 September 2018
    Taken as read
    Proposed: PM Seconded: MT          Votes: Unanimous
  3. Visit of NYCC Cllr. Keane Duncan:
    Cllr. Duncan discussed the following topics:
    – Traffic
    – HGV Traffic through Settrington: The objective of the county bridge HGV ban is to improve air quality at Butchers Corner, Malton. The 18 months’ experiment commenced in February 2018; the Consultation regarding its effectiveness will last until May 2019.
    A possible a weight limit on Settrington road bridge was mentioned.
    – The re-prioritisation of traffic at the Norton level-crossing junction was debated.
    – Gritting: Cllr. Duncan advised to request NYCC Highways to upgrade the main road’s status to Priority 1.
    – Broadband: Phase 3 plans include upgrading certain houses on ‘Chapel Lane’ and Middleton Close to ‘fibre to premises’ status. Meanwhile, an upgrade to Cabinet 1, to enable the ‘South’ half of the village to be upgraded to ‘fibre to cabinet’ status, will continue to be subject to a cost threshold criterion.
    – IT-only planning applications: Cllr. Duncan is not aware of other PCs having expressed ‘reservations’ regarding this innovation.
    – Brambling Fields to Beverley Road link: Cllrs expressed the wish that this should be an early component of the ‘600 houses’ project, and be a main thoroughfare, not a parked-upon ‘rat run’.
    – Potholes: Cllr. Duncan encouraged the use of the Parish Portal as being the most effective way to report potholes
  4. Matters Carried Over from Last Meeting
    a) Govt. Consultation re. Fracking planning approval: PC responded (as did RDC, Malton Town Council, etc.) that this would remove democracy.
    b) Community Speed Watch (CSW): PD has recruited 5 volunteers. Clerk will contact the CSW Coordinator to set this up.
  5. Matters Arisen since Last Meeting
    a) IT based Planning Applications: Clerk will request RDC Planning to continue to provide paper copies of plans.
    b) Streetlights Maintenance & Painting: Clerk will continue to press contractor Acorn to carry out the bi-annual maintenance and painting of 3 lamp posts.
    c) Streetlights Conversion to LED: It was unanimously agreed to postpone a decision regarding this matter until 2020 in advance of the next bi-annual maintenance. In the meantime, PD will budget for a notional expenditure of some £5000 at that time.
    d) Minute Book replacement: It was unanimously agreed that printed PC meetings minutes should continue to be pasted into a traditional bound volume (instead of adopting the loose-leaf alternative); clerk will order a new volume in due course.
    e) HGV Traffic: Following-on from Cllr. Duncan’s presentation, clerk will draft a comment to NYCC regarding HGVs using Scagglethorpe/Settrington as a ‘rat run’. Cllrs were encouraged to comment individually on this, and on the traffic re-prioritisation at the Norton level-crossing junction; clerk will post a note on the noticeboard encouraging others to do so too.
    f)  Winter road gritting: In the light of 5 e) above, clerk will request NYCC Highways to upgrade the main road to Priority 1 (gritted by 7.00 a.m.) [upgraded from Priority 2 (gritted by 10 a.m.)].
    g) Cockgarth footbridge: On the basis that it is part of PROW 24.83/4/1, clerk will request NYCC Highways to repair the footbridge.
  6. Representation:
John Harrison Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)
Alan Mitchell Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
YLCA Branch Representative
Philip Marwood YLCA Branch Representative
Jane Ramsden Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan

RDC & Parish Liaison Meeting

Representatives had nothing to report.

  1. Noteworthy Correspondence

–          Npower account update

–          Notice of RDC Planning IT Consultations

–          Barclays A/C request for details update

–          Letter re. RDC Chairman’s chosen charities

–          NY Local Access Forum – recruitment of volunteers

–          Polling Districts/Places/Stations Review

–          Parish Election Recharging review outcome

–          Vehicle Activated Speed Signs Review

–          Beckside Management letters from Mrs R Russell, Mr D Wise and others

  1. Planning
    a) Rectory Farm Development re-submission – 18/00282/FUL: Responded with ‘No comment’
    b) Tree Felling at Settrington House – 18/01141/CAT; Tree Felling at 49 Back Lane – 18/01146/CAT; Tree Felling at 27 Beckside – 18/01147/CAT: Responded with suggestion that some trees could be replaced by smaller indigenous varieties to support wildlife, and with berries for birds.

a) Cllrs were reminded that the Grass Cutting contract will need to be re-tendered in the spring, and that elections will take place in May 2019.
b) PS read out a letter received from Mr D Wise addressed to the clerk, regarding Beckside management and the conduct of the 12 September PC meeting.
PS advised that he had responded to Mr Wise, correcting his impression of the voting process at the latter, and advising that the former would be on the agenda for the 2 January PC meeting.
c) Having been given permission to speak by the council, Mrs R Russell read out her letter of 20 September 2018 (which was distributed to cllrs on 21 September) which expresses her displeasure regarding the 12 September meeting’s rescinding of the Beckside management Resolution made at the 4 July meeting, and the lack of acceptance of a compromise grass cutting regime.
A discussion ensued, without an outcome other than the acceptance that the matter would be discussed fully at the next PC meeting on 2 January, in advance of the next growing season and tendering of the grass cutting contract.

PM and MT left the meeting at 8.50 p.m.

The  Chairman, PS, closed the meeting at 8.55 p.m.

Date of next Meeting: Wednesday 2 January 2019