Agenda – Zoom Meeting 17 Sept’2020

Agenda for Remote Zoom Meeting to be held on Thursday 17 September 2020 at 7 p.m.

The joining instructions are: Meeting ID: 837 5008 2154    Passcode: 143455

  1. Open Forum.
    Where local residents can raise issues for Parish Council consideration; max 3 minutes per resident’s presentation; forum limited to 15 minutes.
    Residents wishing to attend the Open Forum should join by 6.55 p.m.
  2. Apologies for Absence:
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting(s) – 8 May 2019 Annual Meeting, 16 July EO meeting and 12 September EO meeting
  4. Matters Carried Over from Last Meeting
    a) Community Speed Watch – Update regarding implementation: SW
    b) Cockgarth footbridge replacement – Update: NLc) Village Eco-Management Sub-Committee – Brief review (of circulated latest Notes): SB
    d) Barclays Bank: Update on account closure: PD
    e) Replacement Street Lights – Discuss and Agree strategy
  5. Matters Arisen since Last Meeting
    a) Grass Cutting – Discussion of funding, contract, etc.: Introduced by SB/PS
    b) Quarry Liaison – Seek replacement member for meeting attendance
    c) Fly-tipping – Agree a solution
    d) Overhanging Hedges, etc. – Discuss/Agree how to remind householders of their responsibility
    e) Pavements – Discuss/Agree how to remedy shortcomings
    f)  Felled tree in Conservation Area – Discuss and Agree reaction
    g) Sir Richard’s letter re Trees & Ivy – Discuss and Agree response
  6. Representation reports:
John Harrison Neighbourhood Watch
Alan Mitchell Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
YLCA Branch Representative
Philip Marwood YLCA Branch Representative
Sue Blagden Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
Ruth Russell RDC & Parish Liaison Meeting
  • Planning:
    Listed Building Consent Application 20/00567/LBC re Plum Tree Cottage: Approved
  • AOB

Date of next Meeting: Wednesday 11 November 2020
Bruce Skinner – Parish Clerk