Agenda for Remote Zoom Parish Council Meeting to be held on Wednesday 6 January 2021 at 7 p.m.

The joining instructions are: Meeting ID: 840 1491 9867 Passcode: 983080

Tel. No. 0131 460 1196

1. Open Forum.
Where local residents can raise issues for Parish Council consideration; max 3 minutes per resident’s presentation; forum limited to 15 minutes.
Residents wishing to attend the Open Forum should join by 6.55 p.m.

2. Apologies for Absence:

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting(s):
EO Meeting 2 December 2020

4. Matters Carried Over from Last Meeting
a) Community Speed Watch (CSW) & Vehicle Activated Speed matrix sign (VAS) – SW to report on December’s training session(s) and to propose his implementation plans.
Having decided at the 2 December EO meeting not to have a VAS on Forkers Lane, to discuss whether or not to join the Leavening/Birdsall/Scagglethorpe VAS Group anyway, using the Settrington VAS on existing poles on Back Lane and/or Town Street.

b) Cockgarth footbridge replacement – NL has previously advised that he plans to install the bridge during the winter when conditions and the availability of staff/helpers allow
c) Village Eco-Management Sub-Committee (ECOSC) – SB to present the outcome of the village consultation and ECOSC’s consequent recommendations
d) Barclays Bank account closure: PD to report on progress
e) Replacement Street Lights – Policy agreed, now awaiting the first streetlight failure to test its implementation
f)  Grass Cutting – Tenders for a new contract will be invited in March; discuss impact of agreed ECOSC recommendations and agree actions  
g) Pavements – Via the Parish Portal, Clerk has requested NYCC to clear overgrowing grass from the Town Street pavement.
h) Street Lights power supply – PD to present NYCC’s offer to join their electricity supply scheme and to make a consequent proposal
i)  Tree husbandry – JH to present Gary Liversidge’s quote to attend to trees on the Village Green. Meanwhile a ‘Notification of Proposed Works to Trees in a Conservation Area’ has been submitted to RDC, and Yorkshire Housing have agreed to attend to the trees on the Cock Garth play area.
j)  Naming of Town Green Lane – Clerk to report on any feedback from RDC regarding progress on amending databases
k) Installing Street Name signs – AM to report on progress on requesting RDC or NYCC to do this

5. Matters Arisen since Last Meeting
a) Communication with residents of Cock Garth and with residents generally – Discuss, and agree any proposed actions
b) Road Safety for Cock Garth children – Discuss, and agree any proposed actions
c) State of Quarry Road verges and signage on passing places on Beacon Road – AM to raise his concerns. Discuss, and agree any proposed actions
d) Fords signage: Is it adequate? Discuss, and agree any proposed actions

6. Representation reports:

John Harrison Neighbourhood Watch
Alan Mitchell Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan
YLCA Branch Representative
Philip Marwood YLCA Branch Representative
Sue Blagden Quarry Liaison
Ruth Russell RDC & Parish Liaison Meeting

Copies of the Village Welcome Pack have been distributed to NHW coordinators

7. Planning:
a) Planning Application 20/01191/FUL – Change of use of lean-to at Kirkhill Farm

b) Appeal 20/00461/HOUSE & 20/00461/LBC – Appeal successful
c) Planning Application 20/01009/HOUSE – Amendment

Date of next Meeting: Wednesday 10 March 2021

Bruce Skinner
Parish Clerk