Agenda for Extra-Ordinary Meeting to be held in the Village Hall (YO17 8NR) on Thursday 16 December 2021 at 6.30 p.m

Responsible COVID Restrictions will still apply.
Please maintain social distancing and wear a mask until seated..

  1. Apologies for Absence:
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting: Ordinary Meeting 10 November 2021
  3. Purpose of Meeting
    i) To agree the next Budget and to discuss and agree the 2022 Precept proposal (N.B. The latter topic was discussed at length at the 10 November Ordinary Meeting, but no resolution was passed and the subject was carried forward to this meeting.)
    ii)  To receive applications for the office of parish councillor and to co-opt a candidate to fill the vacancy resulting from the resignation of Councillor Pauline Durant.
    – Nick Bell
    – Dean Wise

    In the event that both candidates are present at the meeting, they each individually will be invited to give a brief presentation as to their suitability as a parish councillor; if they are not all present then the council will consider their written application submissions.

    iii) To consider:
        a) Planning Application 21/01509/HOUSE: Alterations to dwelling to include the restoration of outbuilding, increase in height to outbuilding and installation of replacement windows and doors at 36 Beckside, Settrington and
        b) Listed Building Consent Application 21/01510/LBC: Internal and external alterations to include the restoration of outbuilding, repointing works, increase in height to outbuilding, installation of replacement windows and doors, installation of 2no. rooflights to rear elevation, alterations to fenestration and installation of replacement fireplace at 36 Beckside, Settrington.

    Anyone may attend the meeting (and speak, having first requested permission from the Council).

    Bruce Skinner
    Parish Clerk